The 2024 PCOT Annual Charity Tournament will be held from April 15th to the 21st

For 53 years we have held our annual charity hockey tournament that raises over $100 000 dollars and goes directly to local charities.

The registered teams have been placed in the following divisions. Please speak to your Team Captains for the complete rosters of each team.

2024 PCOT Annual Charity Tournament photo gallery

Photography by: Derek Brown

Tournament Rules and Regulations

Depending on the Divisional age requirements, all players participating in the P.C.O.T. Invitational Tournament must meet the minimum age requirements and be 35, 50, or 60 years of age or older, on or by their first game played. In the event of contestation, proof of age must be provided if requested by the Tournament Committee. Any and all games played using an underage player will be forfeited by a score of 2-0.

All players participating in the P.C.O.T. invitational tournament will be required to sign a form acknowledging and agreeing to the tournament rules before their first game.

As per current Quebec law governing sports regulations, approved helmets, full face mask protection, neck protectors and skate guards are mandatory.

Any team(s) displaying rough play will be given one (1) warning. Team(s) will be expelled by the tournament if the warning is ignored.

60 minutes – 2 periods

  • Warm up 3 minutes
  • Second period 25 minutes
  • Scrape & Flood 10 minutes

The last minute of the 2nd period will be stop time if the score is tied or if 1 goal difference.

There is no limit to the number of players. As many as you wish can be dressed for the tournament. We suggest a minimum of fourteen (14) so as to be competitive.


All players must have played at least two games in the Three-Game Round Robin before competing in Semi-Final or Final games. No player is permitted to play on more than one team in the tournament.

The number of players dressed for any game must be the same as on the score sheet provided to the timekeeper.

(Due to illness, injury, or absence) Teams with only none or one (1) goaltender dressed must accept a replacement provided by the P.C.O.T. Invitational Tournament Committee.

  • Any player who loses his helmet during play, shall not be allowed to continue to participate in the  play. A minor penalty will be assessed for any infraction to this rule.
  • Penalty duration – 2  minutes
  • Slap shot or faking a slap shot: face off in offending team’s zone (no penalty).

At equal strength, when a player shoots the puck from his own end or before crossing the center ice line and the puck cross the goal line, the icing is call and the face-off is in the end zone of the team shooting the puck.

No time out are allowed during the round robin. During the final games, in the last 3 minutes of the 2nd period each team will be allowed a 30 second time out.

Some of our beneficiaries

The Royal Canadian Legion

Mark Bernotas Water Polo Foundation