2023 Season Registration Open’s Today

We hope you are doing well and staying safe. The purpose of this message is to provide information regarding our upcoming 2022-2023 season. This will be our first post pandemic season without COVID protocols, however we ask that you maintain current distancing practices if you are symptomatic. Be assured that the league’s directors are doing everything possible to ensure we have a safe and fun season of hockey.

Registration Fee: Registration will open here on August 15th and that $400 is our regular fee for a full season. The city of Pointe-Claire has recently provided us with a preliminary schedule and it looks like we will be able to get a full season (approximately 28 games). The season opener will be on September 18th and finish early April. The full schedule will be posted on our website and TeamSnap after the draft.

Note that it is thanks to our dedicated volunteer referees that we are able to keep our annual fee so low. Your League Executive and Directors also work on a volunteer basis.

Game Nights: Our usual game nights are Fridays and Sundays. Both playing surfaces are available for us for the beginning of the season.

Divisions: Our goal is to have a normal league structure and rosters, but registration may dictate the need to adjust accordingly. We therefore encourage everyone to sign up as soon as possible so we can begin planning.

Should you require more information, please feel free to contact a member of the Board of Directors.

PCOT Board of Director

PCOT Gets Major Update Between the Benches

Kristina Lacoste uses GameSheetNew solution to keep the scores of the games of the Pointe-Claire Old Timers.

Ditch the paper! In this 2022-2023 season we are very excited to start using professional software to score our games, which will allow us to compile the statistics without additional human intervention.

We have so far trained more than seven people to use this software and the answer is positive. It is no longer necessary to manually copy the rosters provided by captains or coaches since the status of regular players is simply switched between “play” and “sitting out”, and substitutes are selected from a pre-filled list. Obviously, the good collaboration of each team is still required to obtain reliable participation data.

The photo shows our rookie timekeeper Kristina Lacoste proudly using and presenting the software during the very first regular game of the season on September 18th, 2022, opposing Division C rivals Bald Eagles and Olde Rockers.

Visit the Pointe-Claire Old Timers website to follow the evolution of the rankings and your achievements.

This software comes from the Ontario company GameSheet whose features you can see on their site www.gamesheetinc.com.

Jean Laroche, scheduler and timekeeper manager

Learn More About The Old Timers

In the mid ‘60s, an association called the Pointe-Claire Amateur Athletic Association (P.C.A.A.A.) was created to promote baseball and football in our community. Many of the directors at that time were interested in hockey, and in 1966 the Pointe-Claire Oldtimers Hockey Club Inc. was founded and the legal charter was issued on the 27th of September 1967.

Only shin pads, jock, and gauntlets were allowed for protection.
Grey sweat pants were the order of the day.
No lifters above the knees.

Our organization has been, and continues to be made up of people from all walks of life; from aldermen to businessmen, doctors, entrepreneurs, factory workers, firemen, lawyers, mayors, media people, morticians, policemen, priests, printers, teachers, and retirees to name only a few.

Our challenge and commitment remain the perpetuation of the principles of the Pointe-Claire Oldtimers Hockey Club Inc. by:

“Providing for the physical fitness of its members in a highly developed and socially interactive association committed to our community.”

Hockey Santa’s Offer Helping Hand

Pointe-Claire City Councillor and PCOT board member Eric Stork with Claudine Campeau, Général director of WIAF

Last week, the West Island Assistance Fund storage was dévastés by a fire destroying many toys and other gifts collected as part of their annual Christmas drive.

Jamie Wolak and Jack Beaumont brought this our attention and the board voted to use Foundation funding to help the WIAF bring holiday cheer to West Island Families.

So proud to have dropped off a check for $1000 to the West Island Assistance Fund that was devastated by fire last week on behalf of Jamie Wolak (president) and all the members of the Pointe-Claire Old Timers hockey league!

-Eric Stork

Please help support the West Island Assistance Fund by visiting their site for information.

For the love of the game, for the good of the community

Caring through Giving….