Pointe-Claire 50C – Dorval Tournament: Oriole Champions

The Pointe-Claie Oldtimers are proud to announce that the 50C Team Captained by Carmine Maurizio Jr are 2023 Dorval Tournament Champions of the Oriole Division. The Powder Blue Windmills finished the tournament with 2-1-0 record and beat NECB 3-0 in the midday showdown final on Sunday.
Cpt. Carmine Maurizio Jr

When asked about any tactics for the final match, Maurizio Jr stated that the team had taken special pre-game vows to ensure the win.

2023 PC 50C Roster
Jesse Patterson (G)

Greg Buie (D)
Carmine Maurizio Sr (D)
Marcel Lafleur (D)
Vito Pelosi (D)

Gregg Abromavich(F)
Alex Bearzatto (F)
Marc Beaulieu (F)
Francois Fortier (F)
(C)Carmine Maurizio Jr (F)
Marc Lajoie (F)
Sylvain Lavigne (F)
Daniel Seguin (F)
Brian Szilagyi (F)

Jean Laroche (F)
Eric Stork (D)

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