PCOT Gets Major Update Between the Benches

Kristina Lacoste uses GameSheetNew solution to keep the scores of the games of the Pointe-Claire Old Timers.

Ditch the paper! In this 2022-2023 season we are very excited to start using professional software to score our games, which will allow us to compile the statistics without additional human intervention.

We have so far trained more than seven people to use this software and the answer is positive. It is no longer necessary to manually copy the rosters provided by captains or coaches since the status of regular players is simply switched between “play” and “sitting out”, and substitutes are selected from a pre-filled list. Obviously, the good collaboration of each team is still required to obtain reliable participation data.

The photo shows our rookie timekeeper Kristina Lacoste proudly using and presenting the software during the very first regular game of the season on September 18th, 2022, opposing Division C rivals Bald Eagles and Olde Rockers.

Visit the Pointe-Claire Old Timers website to follow the evolution of the rankings and your achievements.

This software comes from the Ontario company GameSheet whose features you can see on their site www.gamesheetinc.com.

Jean Laroche, scheduler and timekeeper manager

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