Learn More About The Old Timers

In the mid ‘60s, an association called the Pointe-Claire Amateur Athletic Association (P.C.A.A.A.) was created to promote baseball and football in our community. Many of the directors at that time were interested in hockey, and in 1966 the Pointe-Claire Oldtimers Hockey Club Inc. was founded and the legal charter was issued on the 27th of September 1967.

Only shin pads, jock, and gauntlets were allowed for protection.
Grey sweat pants were the order of the day.
No lifters above the knees.

Our organization has been, and continues to be made up of people from all walks of life; from aldermen to businessmen, doctors, entrepreneurs, factory workers, firemen, lawyers, mayors, media people, morticians, policemen, priests, printers, teachers, and retirees to name only a few.

Our challenge and commitment remain the perpetuation of the principles of the Pointe-Claire Oldtimers Hockey Club Inc. by:

“Providing for the physical fitness of its members in a highly developed and socially interactive association committed to our community.”