Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence Policy

1. The Board of Directors may grant a leave of absence to any permanent regular member only, pursuant to a written request submitted to the membership convenor, duly signed and dated by the member.

2. A leave of absence shall normally be for a full year or a half-year and shall be granted for reasons of health or injury; family or personal; and job related or financial. The Board may, from time to time, consider other reasons.

3. In exceptional circumstances, a second consecutive full year LOA may be granted upon receipt of a second letter of application. Depending on the reason given, this LOA extension may or may not be granted. The decision of the Board is final.

4. No requests for a third consecutive full year LOA will be considered.

5. A member on a leave of absence, wishing to participate and fit to play, may request in writing, to be included on the active spare list until the expiration of his LOA.

6. All players on a LOA are required to pay an annual registration fee equal to the registration fee paid by spares on the waiting list.

7. A refund of fees will only be made to members granted a LOA where more than 6 games remain paid in advance, based upon the date of the request for the leave.

8. A member who wishes to return before the end of the LOA must submit a letter to the board stating his intentions. He will be placed on the spare list for the remainder of the season, unless an opportunity to place him as a Permanent Spare arises.

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