League Rules

Rules & Regulations

1. The Board of Directors and your Executive entirely support all decisions of our volunteer referees, who have been engaged to enhance the enjoyment of each player in the league and lessen the chance of injury. Players are expected to be courteous to the referees and respectful of the support they provide our club.

2. Any member of the club who feels strongly about other members not adhering to the rules is requested to present his complaints to the executive.

3. The Board of Directors has empowered the Discipline committee to rule on all games, tournaments, and exchanges in which players and coaches participate as members of P.C.O.T. Members of the executive should not be on the discipline committee (ref 4.8)

4. The playing rules of the P.C.O.T. will be those of the Official Rule Book of the Canadian Adult Recreational Hockey Association (C.A.R.H.A.) with the following modifications and additions:

4.1 In accordance with the regulations of the Quebec Sports Safety Board (C. 5-3.1, a. 55, par.3), each player must wear a helmet and full-face protector approved by the Canadian Standards Association, and an approved neck protector.

4.2 Modification of rule 16(a): A team must have nine (9) players (which includes the goaler) dressed and on the bench by the end of the first period, otherwise the game will be defaulted by the team short-handed. If both teams default no points will be awarded.

4.3 To start a two-period game, teams will defend the zones on the opposite ends of the rink from their benches.

4.4 Modification of rule 27(a): The duration of minor, major and misconduct penalties shall be two (2), five (5), and ten (10) minutes respectively, regardless as to whether the clock is operating on stop time or straight (running) time.

4.5 If there is a one-goal difference in the score, or if the score is tied, the final minute of play shall be stop-time.

4.6 A full report of any undesirable incident is to be made by the referees on the score sheet and given to the president immediately after the game.

4.7 Players under suspension cannot play in any hockey activity organised by the PCOT. Suspensions must be served by sitting out regular season games.

4.8 Players may appeal a suspension through the following process: A presentation in writing to the executive committee within five days of receiving the suspension. The document presented must explain what evidence or procedures were overlooked in coming to the original suspension, and why the evidence or lack of procedure would affect the suspension given. Rules governing the appeal committee will be as reported in the minutes of May 8th 1991.

4.9 Modification of Rule 39B: Calling of penalties: If both teams are playing even, and the referee calls a delayed minor penalty against a player and a goal is scored, the player will serve the penalty, however his team will not have to play short handed.

4.10. Modification of Rule 49: Boarding and body contact: Non-application of paragraph B, which states that a double minor penalty must be assessed against a player who causes an opponent to collide with the boards.

4.11. Modification of rule 64: Icing the puck: Stoppage of play will be avoided, if possible, by allowing the defending team to obtain the blue line before pressuring the puck carrier. Failure to do this will result in a stoppage of play and a face-off in the offending team’s end. Repeated ignoring of the efforts to speed up the game will result in a delay of game penalty. If the goalie makes an attempt to leave his crease to handle the puck, whether he touches the puck or not, the icing is immediately waved off and play will continue. During stop time at the end of a game, the regular icing rule is in effect.

4.12. Rule 24F: (page 27 of the Carha official rule book): If either a player or a referee loses his helmet on the ice during play, the play shall be whistled dead immediately, and the faceoff shall be taken at the nearest appropriate faceoff dot.

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